Slow In India - Blazing Fast Elsewhere

I have a large number of Indian visitors to my blog. While I get extremely good tests results when I set the webpagetest location in the US, the speeds for India are horrendous!

Here are the results:


First View: 1.844 seconds


First View: 25.892 seconds!

When I check to see what’s holding it up, there are large unexplained gaps in the timeline where nothing seems to be happening. No connection, no download, no waiting.

I would appreciate any insight into what’s causing these problems. I have no idea whether these timings are representative of my users in India or a specific issue with the test itself for some reason…

A follow up:

It seems to be some kind of issue with the testing infrastructure. I asked some individuals living in India to check out a few pages and they said it was quite fast. Nowhere near the 25+ seconds I’m getting from webpagetest.

I’m very interested to know the cause of this discrepancy.

Sorry, it looks like there were serious CPU performance issues with the Delhi VPS. It looks a lot better from the other India test location:

I just killed the Delhi location and will look for another provider.

Ah! Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile: