Some questions about the scripting capacity

I’ve two questions about the scripting capacity supported by webpagetest.

  1. If there are some errors in the script, can the user get where the error happens and what kind of error happens?
  2. Assume that a script consists of 5 steps, can user get how long each step takes?
    Thanks a lot.

1 - Unfortunately not. You can get information running a local instance but the information is not exposed (yet anyway) through the web UI.

2 - Not through the web UI. They can either measure a single step or combine all 5 steps into a single sequence. If you just care about the raw data then yes, the 5 steps will be measured independently in the page and object data but the waterfall and video presentations will be messed up because neither is expecting it.

Thanks for you reply.

  1. Which file contains this information? IEWPG.txt, IEWTR.txt, pagespeed.txt, progress.csv, report.txt, or status.txt?
  2. Assume that there is a script as following,
    logData 0
    logData 1
    setValue name=login
    setValue name=passwd 123456
    setValue name=remMe 0
    clickandWait id=idSIButton9
    How can I get how long it takes to “navigate” and how long it takes to “clickandWait idSIButton9”.
    Thank you.

You need to get rid of the logData 0/1 calls - those turn off the logging of the test data for the navigate step. Once those are gone the IEWPG.txt and IEWTR.txt files will have the data from all of the steps of the navigation.