Start Render in HAR export

Hello :slight_smile: First up, I know it’s been said to death but thanks everyone (Pat especially) a bundle for the awesome site, advice, community, and tools.

I’m working on implementing a HAR file parser and thought it could be cool if the start render time was available in a WPT HAR export. I realise it’s not part of the HAR 1.1/1.2 spec, so it would need to be optional (similar to the _pageSpeed score).

Instead of nagging I thought I’d have a crack at it, and it seems to work by modifying www/webpagetest/export.php, line 133 from:

$pd['pageTimings'] = array( 'onLoad' => $data['docTime'], 'onContentLoad' => -1 );


$pd['pageTimings'] = array( 'onLoad' => $data['docTime'], 'onContentLoad' => -1, '_startRender' => $data['render'] );

Does this seem like the correct approach and does it make sense to include it? If so I could check it in, but I think I have a read only copy of the source… (I followed - excuse my inexperience).


Yep, that’s pretty much exactly what you’d want to do. The code tree is locked and only allows checkins from approved committers. If you send me a patch ( I can merge it in. I’m happy to accept enhancements and patches.

After several patches I’ll usually approve you to become a committer.

Cool, thanks - patch sent.