Start Render is showing 0


We are using WPT (v2.9) and ‘start render’ metric was showing some numbers earlier but currently it shows 0 for all our tests (video capture is checked). Kindly let us know what is causing this issue please? Thnx

Do you see screen shots in your filmstrip? What you are describing can happen if the screen gets locked, display goes to sleep or if the screen saver kicks in (all of those need to be disabled).

Hi Patrick,
No, we don’t see the screenshot in filmstrip, ‘capture video’ option is also checked, What other option should i use to make it appear please?

FYI - We have hosted WPT server in a different location. Does this have any impact?

You need to check the test agent configuration:

  • Make sure the screen saver is disabled
  • Make sure power management is configured to never put the display to sleep
  • If you RDP to connect to the machine, you must reboot (alt-F4 in the RDP session brings up the shutdown/reboot dialog) and not disconnect. If you disconnect it will lock the desktop