Submitting a Search Query having different value for the results

I’m currently testing a search feature which uses ElasticSearch to check its performance and other metrics. When I input the search parameters and try to submit it, it doesn’t yield the same data count when manually performed using the search feature. The expected output should be around 900, but it keeps on having a result of 10,000 every time I run my script on Webpagetest.

Do you think what causes the issue is that after I have submit the search parameter, what’s being sent was not the one I have set?

Thanks in advance.

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Can you tell if the app is searching for the wrong string or it’s just behaving differently under WPT? Is it a multi-step script or is it a direct search URL with a query param? If you go into dev tools and submit the same search through javascript, does it behave the way you expect?

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