Test Error: spawn ENOENT

I tried running a basic test. It is giving spwan ENOENT error. PFA log of
sudo ./wptdriver.sh -m 10

What OS are you running on?

I had this issue with OSX, will check my notes to see what the solution was.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04.

There is another thread with same issue

It asks to change the path of adb. But where to change is unclear.

Please share how you solved this issue. Would be great if you share notes.

Is is documented in the other thread - I was using ~ i.e. $HOME, in my path rather than using a complete path

in which file do we need to change the path?

Hey, I am a newbie here. I really wanna get started webpagetest on my local m/c. Please help me.

Just Google for “osx set path”. There are a bunch of posts on how to do it.