Unable to input data in textbox through scripts

Hi All,

I am trying to run a test through script. I have used combineSteps function in my script to combine all the steps. I need to fill a form in one of the steps. Through scripts I am able to navigate till form page. In this form whenever I try to input text data in textbox, the script is failing. [color=#FF0000]The error is : Test completed but failed. Skipped repeat view, first view failed: Test run failed with result code -1[/color].

Considering “abc” as id of the text box. I have tried the following methods to input data in text box.

1)setValue id=abc Pankaj
2)setValue name=abc Raushan
3)setValue name’abc Raushan
4)document.getElementById(“abc”).value=Raushan Kumar
5)$(‘#abc’).val(‘Raushan Kumar’);
6)$(’#abc’).text(‘Raushan Kumar’);
7)click id=abc

I also observed that even if I click on textbox, then also I am getting the same error. Please help resolve this issue.