Unexpected results testing https site

Using ie 7 or ie 9 I am getting unexpected results when testing a website over https.
site in question is https://stage.myocean.co.uk (self-signed cert)
Using YSlow and pagespeed with firefox I can see that compression and the vary headers are set correctly for this site. I have also tested with chrome and safari.
When using ie 7 or 9 with webpagetest it is complaining that these headers are not set for this site.
However should I hit an http based site (http://www.myocean.co.uk) on the same server with webpagetest.org I can see that compression and the vary header are being set correctly.
So there seems to be a discrepancy between http and https on webpagetest.org (or ie). Is this normal behaviour for ie? My thought are that ie9 at least should be picking up the compression and vary headers.
Http server in question is nginx if this helps.

WebPagetest can’t see the gzip headers for HTTPS in IE because IE strips them out at a lower level in the stack. I’m supposed to be ignoring the gzip check for HTTPS so I probably have a bug to fix related to the reporting.

Cool. Thanks for the explanation.

I thought I was going mad there for a second. :slight_smile:

Going to fix it today - I must have introduced a bug recently where it’s analyzing HTTPS requests for gzip (maybe when I was in the code adding the AFT implementation).

Of course, I still can’t speak to your sanity :slight_smile: