Unknown connectivity type: custom

When trying use the “Custom Connection” under “Advanced Settings” the following error message is thrown :

“Unknown connectivity type: custom”.

Please find the attached screenshot for your reference. Kindly provide a resolution for the same.

I too just ran into this using the API. Code that has worked perfectly is now raising this.

I see this in response to run test

"<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n\n400\nUnknown connectivity type: custom\n\n"

and my string has been like this for several years. I pull the connection/location dynamically from WPT


Note this is on the public instance

This appears to be fixed now.I checked the UI and ran my tool against the API and it worked fine.

Yep, sorry about that. It was a problem for around an hour. I had pushed a fix to have it error out for unknown connection types (previously traffic shaping would just be disabled silently) but it mistakingly also flagged custom profiles.