urlblast 384 reboots after test


After upgrading agent to 384 all my urlblast machines always reboot after first test.

Log attached.

Sorry. It looks like you got bit by a couple of changes that I made at once and 385 should fix it.

384 added logic to reboot if the browser failed to launch (we’ve seen VMs get stuck in a bad state on the HTTP Archive and this was to address that) but the successful launch tracking was only added to the IE plugin and pagetest.exe was not included in the update.

I just changed the logic in 385 to only apply the reboot code if it is using IE as the browser.

Thanks, Patrick!

Can this functionality be optional? Rebooting a machine is not always good option for me.

You should never see it in your config if you are using 385 since you are using pagetest.exe. I could potentially make it an opt-out option but urlblast is very near end-of-life and moving over to wptdriver if possible is highly recommended (it doesn’t have the same logic).

It’s OK for me.

I use urlblast only on 2 machines now due to some wptdriver issues.