launch IE but OS got reboot

Hello everyone,

We are setting up a private instance to test the performance on browsers. The agent is under windows 7 in virtualbox, and it works well for chrome, firefox and Nexus5 phone.

For IE11, the test will start, but after few seconds, the entire system will restart suddenly. (I can see in the log, it’s saying the IE version is 9, but I think it should be 11, I’m not sure if this is a hint)

Thanks for helping.

I can see

  • Sometime the webpage has been open
  • The message on URLBlast dialog shows “[URLBlast] Test Complete”

Log file on the host:
2015/08/14 19:01:57 - Test Created
2015/08/14 19:02:01 - Starting test (initiated by tester
2015/08/14 19:02:01 - Run 1 assigned to
2015/08/14 19:02:02 - Test Run Complete. Run: 1, Cached: 0, Done: 1, Tester:
2015/08/14 19:02:02 - Test Complete
2015/08/14 19:02:02 - Test post-processing complete
Log file on the agent:
as attached

URLBlast doesn’t support IE 11. You should be using wptdriver for IE 11 testing (and make sure to point to the x86-version of IE)

Yes, exactly. The tester works perfectly now. Thank you for your remind!