urlBlast Thread Count parameter


I have been using PageTest 1.7 private instance, and was using several PageTest.exe workers at the same time by using Thread Count parameter in the urlBlast.ini file.

Recently I have been looking into PageTest 2.15 private instance, and I see there is not Thread Count parameter present in the .ini.sample file. I have tried adding this parameter, but it does not seem to make any difference. Looking at the history of urlBlast.ini.sample file I see Thread Count was removed in 2011 from the sample file.

It also seems I cannot launch two instances of urlBlast.exe of PageTest 2.15 on the same machine (which actually is the same as it was with PageTest 1.7)

Does anyone know if such or similar parameters are available for PageTest 2.15 private instance? Or if there is any other way to have several workers running at the same time on one machine.

Thanks in advance.