URLs are generated incorrectly with API key appended to them

API getting appended with the result URLs, please help
Currently generated URL for film strip: http://localhost/video/compare.php?tests=.180727_Y1_c9508411a7c621b53ab8507560a90e56-r:2-c:0
Working URL: http://localhost/video/compare.php?tests=180727_Y1_c9508411a7c621b53ab8507560a90e56-r:2-c:0

current generated URL says test not found. when I modify the URL as above I can see the film stripe.
also have similar URL mapping issues in benchmarks also. I have only added a key in a location.ini file and created connectivity.ini from the sample file.

The url with API looks incorrect to me. Should be of the form (sub in your apikey):

http:// wpt.org/runtest.php?url=www.google.com/en&k=apikeygoeshere&location=ap-northeast-1:Chrome.FIOS&runs=11

Ian running tests in my local connected to Dulles. Server. I can run and view the tests .but when try to see the filing stripe by clicking on the link it redirects to above URL.which with API key appended to it and don’t work.
Tests are stored at j my local and test ids have API key appended to them in .Inc file