Webpage reload times are acting up on Wellington node

I have done a comprehensive set of tests of 160 websites in NZ on IE8.

and I’m getting funny data for reload times for some sites. This site geonet.org.nz should have the fastest reload time of the sites I’ve tested (It was fastest reloading site when I testing in December)


Any ideas why its misbehaving ?



I’ll take a closer look on Monday. Tried blocking the js just to make sure it wasn’t impacting anything but it didn’t make a difference. Looks like it is probably going to be something with the test machine that I need to sort out (testing it from Dulles looks a lot cleaner and more like what you’d expect to see: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/110717_86_12QGK/ )

Just a quick update, we can’t see anything wrong from within the OS and the tester is running on really beefy hardware so it should be performing a lot better. The Aptimize guys are going to do a nuke and reinstall and we’ll see if that cleans things up.

Sorry for the inconvenience (and for not getting to it sooner - I know you pinged me on it a while back and I didn’t get to it). I’ll follow up again when I have an update.

Sorry it took so long, it is finally back and fixed. We had to do a clean win 7 install (twice because we accidentally nuked the software when trying to back up the image).

Here is a re-run of your test with numbers much more like you’d expect to see: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/110806_KD_18C5G/