WebpageTest maintenance

Regarding maintaining WebpageTest systems over the long run, which maintenance issues should we consider?

For WPT’s web server, I can think of the Apache HTTP logs, which should grow with so many poll requests from the agents. Also in the web server, the /results folder grows up to quite a lot.

Are there already any kind of maintenance configs/tools to handle the servers over time (like regular clean-up of old test results)?

Beyond expectable Apache maintenance and /results folder maintenance, which other long-term maintenance issues should we consider?

As long as you have reasonable log rotation set up on the server the polling shouldn’t be an issue. Mine rotate daily and I keep ~7 days of logs. You can also set it up so that the requests to /work don’t get logged at all if you’re more comfortable with that (I have them set up to log to a separate file).

The server supports archiving tests to mounted storage or s3 (configure it in settings.ini and put cli/archive.php into cron). If you just want to delete old tests you can just update the script. It’s fairly easy since the results are stored in directories by date.

The only other thing you want to watch out for is test machines dying for one reason or another.