What can I still improve?

Hello everyone,

Please advise what else I can improve on the mirat.eu website without changing its code?

Hello Andrej,

You can try our No-Code Experiments. Found under Opportunities & Experiments, this feature empowers you to test optimizations on your site effortlessly, all without delving into your site’s code.

While identifying opportunities for improvement is invaluable, gauging the impact of potential optimizations is equally crucial. No-Code Experiments is designed to simplify and streamline this process, allowing you to assess the real-world impact of changes on your user experience.

For instance, if our analysis reveals that your site is loading render-blocking JavaScript, we not only highlight this as an opportunity for enhancement but go a step further. With No-Code Experiments, you can explore scenarios such as deferring, in-lining, or asynchronously loading those scripts to observe the potential outcomes.

Here is a testrun for your website: (mirat.eu : Chrome -...irginia USA - EC2 - WebPageTest Result).

For More info: Introducing Opportunities & Experiments: Taking the Guesswork out of Performance - WebPageTest Blog