Why don't all domains called by the page appear in the test results?

I work on publishing sites and they all have ads on the page. Some of these resources are a script that is included in the page header, others are scripts in the body, still others are scripts/iframes injected in the rendered page through another script in the header. In either case, I do not see these 3rd party domains anywhere in the report. Why is that, and is there a setting that allows all resources to be checked?

For example: When Eddie Murphy Changed Comedy & Shattered Records

I would expect to see some of these domains in the test results but I don’t:

When I run a test in Pagespeed Insights, or locally in Chrome Lighthouse, I see these resources appear so I’m not sure what’s different about the way WPT runs the test.

Try with “preserve user agent string” checked in the advanced settings. I know AOL’s (or whatever they are now) ad network used to disable ads for agents with the PTST/ string in the UA string.

Thank you Patrick!! That worked like a charm. :slight_smile: