Wordpress with Cloudflare and NetDNA


Website is : http://smokingdesigners.com

First of all please tell me your opinion about the websites speed because I have been trying for about a month now to optimize it and I think I made it today.

Also please tell me if the combination below is correct.

I use w3tc with Minify CSS AND JS enabled
html xhtml minify disabled (causes high ttfb)

Cloudflare Pro with only DNS Pre loading on
MaxCDN Pull Zone 2.0 only for post images ( no theme files or sidebar files loaded through cdn)

Could you tell me if there is anything more to do in order to achieve greater ttfb times?

I am on a shared hosting Godaddy Premium Package.

My Current TTFB goes from 0.5 (witch is ok) to 1.5 seconds (witch is not ok :P)

Any tips or tricks to maintain my ttfb below 1 second?


Here are some things I can think of:

  • You are using Google fonts, I think the fonts might block the page from starting to render (white screen, no text)
  • I did not see the MaxCDN, all assets are on the same domain, so I asume all requests go through CloudFlare.
  • if you did intend to use a seperate domain for your static files you might be able to save yourself some money when you put the domain for the static files also on CloudFlare instead of MaxCDN (I don’t know how well they cache)

well I have disabled the maxcdn I think it doesnt worth the money with cloudflare pro.

I dont want to remove gfonts but is there any way to host them in my server and get the script load in the footer non bloking?

How is the websites speed in general if u navigate?

Any other thoughts or settings in order to reduce time to first byte?


The problem with fonts is, they block when they load the first time and if you load them later you’ll see the unstyled-text before the font is loaded. When we’re talking about pure performance, there isn’t a really good solution for fonts as far as I know.

To improve the first byte, I think you should check if w3tc caches whole pages as (cache) file.

What do u mean check if the page cache the whole site in W3TC? I dont get it, I use Page Cache but the ttfb is high…

I would think that flush(); right after will help greatly.

where exactly should I put the flush command?

if you give me access to your site, i’ll do it for you.

Other wise:

SmokingDesigners | Graphic Design Fashion and Photography flush();

You is not really in order but one thing at a time.

Just a quick note that you don’t want to turn on CloudFlare’s minify options and W3TC’s at the same time(can potentially cause issues) & that you would only want to use one of them.