WPTMonitor Job Launching Wrong Browser

Hi Patrick,

I set up a job a while back for Firefox. After we updated the agents and WPT to 2.5, the job would launch Chrome instead of Firefox. This was working correctly during the 2.4 version.

What is weird is when I used WebPageTest to test a page for the Firefox browser, it uses the correct browser. When I run a WPT Monitor job, it does not. Do you know what the reason could be?

WPT Monitor probably doesn’t know the format for specifying the browser in a wptdriver multi-browser configuration.

Assuming your location is MY_LOCATION and your configured browsers are “Firefox” and “Chrome”, the location you need to use for submitting jobs is:


If you include the connectivity it would be:




Yeah, so my Firefox jobs are configured to submit jobs to MY_LOCATION:Firefox. However, instead of Firefox loading up, Chrome does instead. It’s extremely odd because this didn’t happen back in 2.4.