XML Documents wont open?

Hello! I want to convert numerous scans into one PDF document…How do I do so? Unfortunately, I do not have Adobe Acrobat (can I get it for free??) Thank you for you help!A pirated copy no doubt, you will not be able to activate it and Mr. Gates computer will wipe it Unless you can get the activator.Like, wtf Here’s something I typed to test it: =12435/(3250.7*53133.9) Excel answers 203256.0 That is WAY off, my 3 calculators all answered 0.000071994 Here’s another: =4/4 Excels “answer”: 1-Jan It’s 1, not 1-Jan Please can some one give me an answer? chińskie tabletki odchudzające dieta odchudzajaca tabletki odchudzające adipex More info. from prior question. While doing email, my wife hit “something” on her computer. As a result, her entire screen is filled with her incoming email, and the left hand column, where she can select “Mail”, “Drafts”, “Sent”, etc., is no longer visible. She uses “OUTLOOK EXPRESS”, & her provider is Cox.net. Can someone please suggest a way to restore the screen display. Please keep your suggestions as simple as possible - we are computer novices. Thanking you in advance.About a year ago i accidentally hit my flash drive while it was in the usb port. After this incceident i wasn’t able to view my data on my flash drive, a message would come up saying something about formatting my flash drive. long story short i ended up formatting my flash drive, twice in fact. I was just wondering if there is any way i can retreive the data i originally had on my flash drive? if so how? Thanks…If I update my OS from Windows XP to Windows 7, will I need to reinstall all of the drivers for my PC. I built this PC a few years back and had to install all of the drivers for the video card, usb ports, etc. Not too sure I have all of the disks for the driver installations anymore.