CDN and Flickr

Hi all, this is my test result:

in my site, i use Flickr to host my photos, why flickr is not a cdn? :huh:


Flickr doesn’t use a CDN. From the traceroutes it looks like they host somewhere on the east coast of the US. It probably doesn’t make sense for something like flickr to use a CDN since there are SO many photos and such a long tail that the majority of the visits would end up going back to their main storage anyway.


US East (30ms):
US West (100ms):
Europe (110-120ms):
Singapore (250-270ms):
Australia (200ms):

Thank you very much for response, so I can’t do nothing for this problem. What do you suggest?

You don’t necessarily need a CDN if your end users are close to their servers but if you DO want to use a CDN for the photos you have a couple of choices:

1 - Move the photos used on the site off of flickr (keep them local to the server and serve them through a CDN that is used for the site itself)

2 - You can put a CDN in front of flickr (I don’t really recommend this since you wouldn’t have a way to make sure it only serves YOUR photos since it doesn’t looke like the paths are unique).