Confused by Hosted Scripting results

I am using the Hosted Scripting option to test the path between 2 pages so I can understand the performance path. In this case, I want to measure the performance of a sign in page from the home page and assumed that there would be shared css and js caching, so the number of requests and speed index would be reduced.

To perform the test, I didn’t enter any URL into the Website Location box - but did enter the script as follows:

// Example script
logData 0
navigate (home page URL)

logData 1
navigate (sign in page URL)
// End

In looking at the results however, I am confused since it doesn’t seem like there is any difference - the number of requests and Speed Index are the same. (Note that I am looking at the First View results, as I assumed that would be considered a first view since the user wouldnt have yet visited the page (but coming into the page with cache).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Have you got a link to the test?

Link here -

Mobile devices can’t run multi-step scripts yet. If you want to test a mobile page using a script you have to use desktop chrome and then turn on mobile emulation in the advanced settings. Getting multi-step scripts working for mobile is on my list to get done this quarter.

Patrick - Thanks for the info and work around. I’ll give that a try.