Few Quires on WPT scripting

  1. What is the browser compatibility of WPT scripting. I noticed on few browsers the script was not working
  2. Click Vs ClickAndWait which one to use to ensure right measurement (is wait time excludes in the performance measurement results)
  3. How can we measure the response time for each of the navigates in multipage execution flow instead of whole script?
  4. How does the session management between pages work if in case the user is logged in from beginning?
  5. How to implement the “Activity Based Measurement” in the script and impact of the results due to various options
  6. How the scripting approach will be for Lazy loading technique.

It depends. Desktop, all browsers support some level of scripting and mobile doesn’t (well, mobile supports completely different webdriver scripting). How each browser actually works with the scripts can be different though and usually the easiest way to get something reliable is to use the exec/execAndWait commands and just use raw javascript.

Click does the action and moves on to the next script command without waiting for anything to happen. ClickAndWait waits for a page navigation (or network activity at least) before going on to the next command.

You can only measure one step at a time and you select the parts to ignore by putting them in a logData 0/1 block.

Not sure what you’re asking. “The beginning” is a completely clean browser instance and cache. The entire profile is cleared between runs so nothing persists.

Sorry, don’t know what you’re asking.

Depends on what you are trying to measure.

  • Are you trying to scroll a page and measure the visual experience of the lazy-loaded elements?
  • Are you trying to measure the above-the-fold content and also understand the impact of below-the-fold content that is deferred but still loaded?