Different test behavior for scripted test when run for New york and Hong Kong

I ran two different tests with same script but 2 different locations - one for new york and other for hong kong. I am seeing different test behavior for the test ran from Hong Kong. This is the script i am using to run:

logdata 1
navigate http://www.nike.com/hk/en_gb/e/cities/hongkong
logdata 1
navigate http://www.nike.com/hk/en_gb/e/cities/hongkong/sessions#upcoming
logdata 1
navigate http://www.nike.com/hk/en_gb/e/cities/hongkong/services
logdata 1
navigate http://www.nike.com/hk/en_gb/e/cities/hongkong/gear

For the test run from new york, i see performance results for each of these pages but for test from hong kong, all the test results are combined and performance review page doesnt show test results individual page results. Please help me in identifying the issue here.

Agreed. I am seeing the same issue as well. Here’s the WPT link:

It could be because this agent hasn’t upgraded to the latest version of WPT code base. Remember that these agents are provided by different volunteers and not directly owned by Pat. So there may be delay before codebase is updated.

Hmm. It does look to be running an ANCIENT agent build (201 vs 355 which is the current build) but that shouldn’t be possible. The agents automatically get updates pushed by the server and they shouldn’t be able to get any work if the version doesn’t match.

Looking into it now.

…aaand I killed it. Not directly intentionally but it looks like the test machine was running Server 2003 (effectively XP) which support for was killed a while back and it also isn’t getting Chrome updates for similar reasons.

Reaching out to the guys running it to see if they can update to a recent OS.

They upgraded to Server 2012 R2 and everything has been updated and reconfigured. Hong Kong should be good now: https://www.webpagetest.org/result/170125_N3_74932f83b169e82b751e2687ee70da8e/