Hardwork paying off avg page load reduced to 1.3 Sec

Recently I was working on optimization of a site, and now finally its average page load time time has been reduced to 1.3 sec (source: Google webmaster tool).


There were a lot of ups and downs in page load time as few things failed and few worked exceptionally good.

I will rate these as top 3 techniques which helped
[]Reduce http requests (Use image sprites, combine css and js etc)
]Use browser cache properly
[*]Gzip your html, css and optimize images

You can also see the test results for the site on http://www.webpagetest.org/result/100125_4JEY/


I think you hit the most important ones and that’s pretty much what I see across the board (plus persistent connections if that is broken on your page): Performance Matters: Optimization impact

Other optimizations are pretty much icing on the cake or tiny incremental gains but those make HUGE differences.


Wow this is very nice.

I presume you used sprite to combine all the images from your site. Is that easy to do? Any impact on SEO?

I only used sprite for my layout gif images.
I’m not sure how to do that for all most images on my site/homepage, since those other images are not using css to be displayed.
Are you using the background-position on your page code?

Hope you see what i mean :slight_smile: