Help needed to optimize wordpress pagespeed

I have been using gazpo WordPress theme with bluehost. Some of my blog reader has told me about page loading speed issue.Can any expert here tell me what can I do to improve my page speed?

My blog URL :

I’ll see what I can do
#1 Your hosting is wayyy to slow! Your #1 thing is to change that, cause 1 second to download a 10k image is cray!
#2 Pass all your jpeg images through jpgmini.
#3 Convert your PNG files that are picture into jpg and run them through #2

That will help a lot. I need to look at your javascript files and will try to prioritize them, cause they are cray loading time!

There are lots of images posted on my site and I think its long and tedious process to do by passing all images through jpgmini.
Wp smush it plugin do not working with my site, is there any other WordPress plugin for that?

Drop me an email at chris at and I’ll help you get this loading in under 2 second.