How to decrease loading time video?

Hi there,

I’m new here. I just runned some tests for and I made a video of it. I’m not happy at all with the results?!

For now my question is: at 5s all content seems to be loaded except the video in my header. From then it takes 4s at least before the embedded Vimeo video is shown.

How can I decrease that loading time? Is it correct that the header video is one of the major problems with my site?

Thanks in advance for helping me out!


Give this article a try for deferring videos.

As you can see on my test results, I have not 1 but 3 youtube videos on one page. 4.2 seconds to load it all & A’s across the board.

Thank you Avalanch! The iframe is part of the php-file, so it’s not a normal iframe. I guess that’s why I couldn’t use everything from Varvy (I tried but then the whole page was loaded in the iframe). But the part with javascript at the bottom of the page I applied. It seems to do a little with the pagespeed.

Will compressing the video help to increase my pagespeed?

I don’t think compressing the video will have any affect, since none of the video should be loaded until the user clicks play.

Instead, I would recommend you use this as a base to go from. Mainly the Defer parsing of JavaScript part of it.

I’m not too familiar with wordpress but this might be what you want, with the ability to exclude javascripts.