How to set up mobile testing with simulator

Besides setting up the node.js agent to run test on real device, is there any way to use the mobile simulator(iphone and android) to test the mobile pages? Thanks.

Possibly. I know someone used the android simulator with adb before as there were some device ID fixes that needed to happen for it but it’s not really a supported mode of operation. I don’t know if the iOS simulator will work though because it relies heavily on the usb iOS remote debug proxy and I’m not sure how that behaves with the simulator.

At least for android I know screenrecord is no longer supported in the simulator so you won’t get video capture even if you get it working (and the CPU performance in the simulator can be insanely slow).

Usually if you’re not looking for physical device testing, running the desktop Chrome agent with the mobile emulation enabled tends to work better.

Can you please explain in detail that how to execute the process with simulator on Android.

Apps Developer

Sorry, I can’t explain in detail because it’s not a supported mode of operating so you’d really be on your own to get it working (and the results would be questionable at best). A cheap MotoG gen 1 (< $100) is a MUCH better option.

I love that mobile emulation mode is an option, however my first stab at enabling that doesn’t seem to have worked. Using the API, I’m passing mobile=1, yet it still seems to be serving desktop. Do I need to also set the user agent or viewport params? Does mobileDevice become mandatory? (and if not, what is the default?)


No, mobileDevice shouldn’t be needed and the default will be a Nexus 5. Have you tried the same test parameters against the public instance? If so and it’s not working, email me the full URL that was used to run the test and I’ll see where it is having issues.

You do need to make sure a Chrome browser is used for the test (just in case it happened to run IE or Firefox when you tried).

Got it working, thanks for the tips!!


Could you please help me on setup WPT for Mobile emulators.
I am using below setting in locations.ini file:
label=“Sao Paulo”

Can you please share details and “location.ini” file on