http/2 vs apache handler DSO

We run our site on a VPS set with apache handler DSO and mod_ruid2,which is the fastest method to run Apache
However this configuration is incompatible with mod_http2 that will enable HTTP/2
when running tests
I get better performances with DSO and mod_ruid2, so unfortunately we have to stick with HTTP/1.1

Why not just setup an nginx proxy in front of apache to enable HTTP/2? IMO it’s the best of both worlds. You get the power of apache with the speed of nginx. That’s always been my goto config.

Both mod_ruid2 + mpm_itk are both very slow, compared to running mpm_event + FPM PHP + HTTP2.

I mean orders of magnitude slower.

You can test this yourself with h2load.

I prefer fixing the actual problem (your Apache setup), rather than placing a proxy in front of the problem… Like NGINX/Varnish/Squid/etc…

Also be sure you’re running latest Apache-2.4.27 + latest PHP-7.1.10 along with latest MariaDB-10.2.9 (way faster + more stable then MySQL).

And tune PHP Opcache, which most people completely miss.

All this small items, together, make for very fast, low resource usage sites.

If you actually do testing of mpm_itk + mod_ruid2 you’ll find the performance drop amazing.