IE11 Vs Chrome & Webp

Hi there, can anyone help me to understand the difference in the waterfall charts between Chrome & IE11 here? The total load time is very different but im quite confused by the time taken on the webp images. Our site is in React, using Drupal 8 headless with next & node. Image styles are used in drupal to deliver webp images where it can.

I have a performance issue across my site that i am eager to track down…

Thank you.


IE11 doesn’t support webp images. You’ll need to set a condition either on the application or server level (eg htaccess in apache) to only serve webp images for supported browsers. At the moment IE11 won’t be loading any images since it appears to be loading webp images for all browsers.

Have a look at caniuse to see which browsers support this:

Edit: supported browsers will send a request header that it can accept webp images.