Improve TTFB on WordPress

I would like to optimize my WordPress website TTFB on by using plugins. Unfortunately, the best first byte rate I can get for now is “C”.


Does someone has some expertise to share about this hard-to-fix issue.

Thanks a lot

When you’re trying to reduce TTFB, the last thing you want is another plugin. There are two main ways to shorten that time: 1) eliminate as many plugins as you can, and 2) get a faster server. Hope that helps.

Isn’t this more a server side issue? If you read the other posts about TTFB and WordPress, it’s more about fine tuning your WordPress backend services like Php, MySQL, server hardware, etc.

I’m not sure if plugins can help you here.

Better hosting (particularly if it uses SSD’s for the database) is probably the best path to actual fast performance. There are some caching plugins that can help hide the actual performance (w3c total cache used to be one of my preferred ones) but it will still be painfully slow on cache misses and the cache performance depends heavily on the hosting provider.

I’ve had almost instant page performance from a WP install on a dedicated host with SSD storage and a memcache-based page and query cache but that takes a lot of work to set up well and can’t be done on a typical shared host.

Thanks a lot for your help

Glancing at your WPT report, a good starting point will be for you to run mysqltuner.

Then implement all mysqltuner suggested tunings.

Also, check to make sure you’re using the InnoDB storage engine for all tables, as MyISAM has so many problems there’s been talk about removing MyISAM altogether.
I know I’ll likely catch flack for saying this…

You’re using CloudFlare… the source of many problems… all outside your control… which you can never fix…

Also, day to day, sometimes CloudFlare works + sometimes fails either completely or worse… intermittently… which is another source of impossible to debug problems…

First step of dealing with speed issues, for me, is always remove all cruft code between Apache + visitors.

So right now, you’re trying to debug likely CloudFlare injected problems, with no control over CloudFlare.

First step… Remove CloudFlare, which is sufficient to fix many site problems.


Interestingly we are using Cloudflare too. The rationale in using Cloudlflare is to protect the origin server from attacks (as much as where possible), simplify administration e.g. DNS, HTTPS, HTTP/2, etc

If Cloudflare is or can be the issue, what’s the alternative?

What options are there to improve TTFB with Cloudflare (free)?