Infinite Running Tests

Not sure if this is really a big deal, but sometimes i get tests that will run forever. The usual, though not very efficient, method to get around the issue is merely to press the back button and start a new test, which usually finishes as expected. However, this still leaves the other test running in the background and bogging down the tests servers i’m sure. Before i waited hours to see if such a test would finish and they never do in that time span and so i give up and start a new one, but this time i bookmarked one of them to submit as a bug:

At least for me currently the test has been running since “06/14/10 16:12:37” without finishing, though a test i did right after it finished within less than a minute.

Yeah, there’s a bug (or more accurately, a messed up test machine in Dulles). I pulled it out yesterday afternoon to take a look and see why that test machine is taking tests but not sending results. I’m adding some more instrumentation to help detect it automatically as well.

Once a test starts it has up to 2 minutes per run (first and repeat view) before it times out and you should always get results. At worst case (10 runs first and repeat view) it could take up to 40 minutes but that is REALLY rare.

Sorry about that.