Is my site ok?

I’ve tried my very best to improve the website load speed in every aspect that I can but I may be missing something as there are times when the server gets a bit slow.

My website is Raymond.CC Blog • Computers Made Easy and it is running on Wordpress, with W3 Total Cache and XCache.

I have a dedicated server running LiteSpeed.
2x Xeon L5460 8 CPU Cores
4x 146GB 15krpm HD
RAID 10 (292GB)
100Mbps / 1Gbps Dedicated Port

I’ve signed up in New Relic and here’s the report.

Let me know if you need any other information from New Relic and I’ll upload the screenshot.

Out of curiosity, why XCache instead of APC? W3 Total Cache has APC integration and can use APC for the caches.

What caches do you have turned on in the W3 Total Cache config?

If you click on the PHP area of the graph you will get a breakdown of the different pages and how much each is contributing to the overall time and then from there you can click to see how a specific page has trended over time (and get more details into where the time has gone).

I’ve never configured Lightspeed so I don’t know how it integrates with php but I have heard good things. That said, given the hardware you are on I’d expect significantly faster performance.

For comparison, the WebPagetest server runs on a single Xeon L3400 with much less Ram (but with a SSD) and the response times are closer to 10ms and runs ~3000 transactions per minute. It’s not apples-to-apples but I have a test Wordpress site on an even lower-end server that has similar response times. Most of the gain was from moving from Apache to Nginx + php-fpm + APC so that it wasn’t constantly spawning new processes to handle requests.