Is there someone who can fix this?

Is there someone who can fix this?

The issue is:
The URL was fetched, but nothing was rendered. Ensure that the URL points to an HTML page that loads successfully in a web browser.

GWT loads the robots.txt file fine so apparently nothing is blocked from my end. This site shows that my site is rendering as does

Yet other proof that somehow google bot doesn’t render my site and that there is something wrong:

GWT says my sitemap is empty but it’s not:

The render page of “Fetch as google” in WMT it is blank. Instead of the message “This is how Google fetched your page” in the rendering tab, I see the message:
Googlebot type: Desktop (render requested) and the tab is empty. Compare it to my other site that shows the list of rendered pages.

It is a joomla site. I have disabled all coms and plugins but the result was the same.

I wonder if this could be a hack related to the domain name. The domain pointed to renders fine but then again the page doesn’t.

Please pm me if you can solve this problem.