Location of tab Home index

Hello all,

This is my first time being on the forum. I successfully ran a private instance of the webpagetest server and was able to navigate through some of the tabs except for Home.

I looked for a home ‘index.html/php’ in the uncompressed file and found no index.html/php in the document root. Is the index page something I need to create based on the API server has, request for the index file from someone, or some file that is named not index.html?

Just to add on, I’m able to navigate to Home page, but it brings up the document root directory to access all the files of the private instance. Is there an index.html/php or some .inc file that I need to set in the settings.ini?

Figured out the problem. I didn’t copy the index.php over from the uncompressed package, so derp on me for human error. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least the private instance works now. :smiley: