N/A result on compress images

Hi, The test returns a value N / A for the image compression. What is the reason? Thank you

If you want the truth, the actual picture of what you load and deliver, stop testing with Chrome. In order to make the false claim of being “faster” which it is not, Chrome ignores certain types of requests. And in testing, this results in you not getting the real facts. Use IE11 instead, for “worst case” and for IE compliance, and to see ALL requests you’re delivering.

Here’s what you really look like. Merry Christmas.


You’ll note the Chrome test only counts 74 requests and ignores over 400kb of pageload… IE counts them all, you have 78 requests with 2.4mb of load. IE also doesn’t ignore the fact that you have several large jepg images which need optimized.

See how your Cloudflare does not optimize your images? All it does is deliver your unoptimized content to browsers from a location supposedly closer to the visitor than your host server is. But it does not help your performance otherwise, and also interferes with FBT. I ditched it years ago when I learned how to actually optimize a web page.