Nginx FastCGI Cache for simple sites.

Just wanted to ask if anybody here happens to know if serving a static html5 page from nginx’s cache is faster than serving it without.

With a CMS like wordpress (PHP), as most of you know, it creates a static HTML version of the dynamically created php page. This way php doesn’t need to generate it each time, but the stored version can just be served.

However, how does this improve a site that’s not built with PHP. Not built using a CMS. Just a simple html+css+js ~700KB page.

Is serving, pretty much the identical version, going to be faster ? Or will it be the same ?

If the html page is in the same server as the nginx instance and the same disk as the disk cache, the performance of serving a cached version or a static html file is going to be identical (to some rounding error of identical that is well under a millisecond).