No test results appearing (and no testinfo.json)

I’m running the WPT server ami-e44853a1. Tests are usually running and completing as expected, however when the test is completed the TEST RESULT tab is empty (/result/<test_id>/).
The endpoint /testStatus.php?f=json&pos=1&test=<test_id> returns:

{ "data": { "id": "191217_4G_5", "statusCode": 400, "statusText": "Test not found" }, "statusCode": 400, "statusText": "Test not found" }

I also noticed (while researching why tests aren’t archived) that the testinfo.json file is gone once the test completes. The files testinfo.ini, test.job and test.log all remain.

Any ideas on what to look into to solve this would be greatly appreciated!!

Well I think I figured out the issue. It happens when I use nogzip option (nozip=1).