Pagespeed service with WPT private instance

Hey Patrick,

I just upgraded to WPT 2.4 and trying to use PSS to compare with and without PSS optimization. I didn’t notice any difference and the “optimized” content is not being served from Google’s CDN.

The comparison works perfect on but not using the private instance. Do I require any special key/secret to use that service?


No, you shouldn’t require any special keys or configuration (though honestly it wasn’t really packaged up for general consumption). If you can “publish to” the optimized test I can see if there is anything obvious in the test that caused it to not work.

Thanks Patrick for the reply. I don’t see any option to publish to I also wanted to understand what Back-end (Production,PSA) means.


In settings.ini there is a “” entry (may be commented out). If you uncomment it, you will be able to publish individual test results to the public server for sharing (top-right corner of the test result page will have a link “publish to”).