Possible to run WPT as a private instance without a subscription?


looking to see if I can run WPT as a private instance on a Ubuntu laptop inside of Docker without a paid subscription. I would like to capture the LCP data and other browsing metrics. I am doing this to try to test out link conditions out in the wild and did not want other traffic on the link besides the browsing tests.

I am not sure if using the API keys requires additional live calls during the testing. I am really trying to minimize other traffic and don’t know how “heavy” any of the API calls might be.

Appreciate your help on this.

thank you,


Yes, but both the server and agents need to be running in your private environment. Any API keys you use in a private instance are API keys you generate in settings/keys.ini on the server (and are unrelated to the API keys for the public instance).

Thank you Patrick. That’s very helpful. In your opinion, would WPT be a good way to evaluation link performance for UX purposes? This would be done by testing different link optimizations, conditions, etc. for satellite-based systems?