Private WPT server - filmstrip images are all the same image

Hello there!

I have a private WPT server. I have one mobile agent connected to it (nodejs with Chrome on Android)

The results display the timelines correctly. However, when I enter filmstrip mode, all of the thumbnails are populated with the same image - one displaying the completely loaded page.

I can see that the video is recorded on the agent (There is an .mp4 file)

On the server, I have the video in the following path:


However, the directory below is has a single image:


The directory below contains a labels.txt with a single line - the URL of the webpage tested and a testinfo.json.gz file


I have a feeling that it is receiving the video, but is unable to extract the correct frames. How do I go about debugging this?

WPT Server: Running Ubuntu 12.04 with Php5, apache2, ffmpeg, imagemagick
Android Chome Agent: Running Ubuntu 12.04 with ffmpeg, node

  • Can you play the video file directly, and does it look fine?
  • What do you get when you run “ffmpeg” on the console? If you’re using the default build included with ubuntu that is going to be the problem and you need to replace it with this:

Hi Patrick,

The link you provided seems to have only static builds for ffmpeg 2.x on linux. Installing these binaries on my machines causes the filmstrip view to display nothing at all.

Since install/index.php specifically asks for 1.x ffmpeg, I ended up building my own ffmpeg static versions starting from 1.2.7 (the latest 1.x) version and trying each one.

2.2.4 - filmstrip view doesn’t show any images at all.
1.2.7 - only a single image of the final page load is shown - probably decimate is broken?
1.2.5 - filmstrip view doesn’t show any images at all.
1.1.12 - ended up working just as it does on the public website.

So it would seem that on my specific platform(Ubuntu 12.04), WPT requires 1.1.x instead of simply 1.x for filmstrip. If someone wanted the static build, I can provide the binary.


any reason why not use the binary supplied with wpt itself, which is v 1.2.3?

cp ${WPT_DOWNLOAD_TARGET_DIR}/utils/video/bin/linux-x64/ffmpeg /usr/bin
chmod ugo+x /usr/bin/ffmpeg

building from git takes a fairly long time (and I’m not sure now whether it would work based on the below).

this takes a very long time… WPT ships with an executable

#cd /opt
#git clone git:// ffmpeg
#cd ffmpeg/
#make install