Problems running on Windows server 2008?

Hi again,

First off, excuse me for my bad English.

I wrote another thread earlier about running Urlblast on windows 7. That was resolved by updating to 1.7 and works great on my development enviroment.

I have ported the Web UI to Silverstripe, a CMS which makes it easier to build and improve the frontend, and i’m in the phase of deploying it live.

However, the live server is a Windows 2008 machine, and i just can’t get it to work. The Urlblast does not start, it just creates a new window which stops to respond(crashes) before the main window is shown. That is, it is in the taskbar and having the window title as the computer name. It can’t be closed properly but needs to be forced to close.

I came past the defrag phase though.

I’m using the exact same configuration as on the Windows 7 machine. Every directory is the same.

Does anyone have a clue on what this could be or are there any issues running on a windows 2008 server?


Edit: Also tried to update with the 219 build with a similar result. The application crashes but now the main window is visible.

Try adding debug=1 to your urlblast.ini file and then post the log file. It will log detailed information about what urlblast is trying to do.

If I had to guess I’d say it is a permissions thing because urlblast needs to run as an administrator account and the directory for the log files needs to be writable by everyone but there could be something else going on as well.


EDIT: I’m running URLBlast.exe as administrator.

Anyway, it seems to be invalid credentials. But i dont fully grasp what credentials i should put in the config? I used the default settings on the windows 7 machine. Could you point me to any documentation?

2010/02/08 16:09:47 -1 1 1 20 0 Debug Logging on user:user1, password:2dialit

2010/02/08 16:09:48 -1 1 1 18 0 Error Failed to create user account ‘user1’
2010/02/08 16:09:48 -1 1 1 20 0 Debug Logon failed: 1326

2010/02/08 16:09:48 -1 1 1 18 0 Error Logon failed for ‘user1’
2010/02/08 16:09:48 -1 1 1 20 0 Debug DoUserLogon failed for user1[/code]

You can either manually create a test account “user1” with the password “2dialit” (the defaults), specify different account information in urlblast.ini or run urlblast under an account that has permissions to create user accounts (it will normally create the account automatically). If you create the account manually you can make it a guest or limited user account so that the browser will be running with low rights when doing the testing.

Thank you very much!

It seems that Windows 2008 server is a bit more restrictive than windows 7. Even if i started the program as Administrator it couldnt create the users necisary. I had to manually add the users.

I really hope that this could help someone else!