Repeat View yellow line?

Does anyone know why I get a yellow line on the repeat view for all my sites? I was just curious if that was some error on my part.

That’s a “not modified” for your base page. Most people don’t make the base page cacheable at all so you’re actually ahead of the game there.

Thanks pmeenan, I appreciate all your help and would never of gotten my sites to where they are now if it wasn’t for your help and recommendations ;).

Do you know of a program or service that can help find unused CSS so I can slowly start cleaning up all my customizations? Also, have you had any experience with Thesis?..I love their clean code and together with W3TC, I find the two to be a sweet combination. I also like when I saw Matt Cutts using both: Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO

The object has this cache-control header:

Cache-Control: public, must-revalidate

Must-revalidate means, that you are specifically telling the browser to ask each time, before it can use the cached copy in the local browser cache.

If you would stop doing so, the browser would use the local cached copy until 8th of June 2012, as you specified in the Expires header, without asking.
On the other hand, this would mean that the customer would not notice any changes to your page up until then (In theory. Your page would probably purged from the Browser Cache much earlier than 2012).

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Chrome dev tools has a feature that will show you any unused css (just be careful if the css is shared across pages, it only looks at the page you are currently looking at):

It sounds like a setting I might have to tweak that is probably in W3 Total Cache?

You should leave it the way it is unless you never plan on changing your site. Otherwise users will keep seeing the current version of the site for the next year even if you updated it.

Makes sense and I am always tweaking and clearing my W3TC page cache. Do you use W3TC on any sites? I am still running an old version because of some previous updates that crashed the CSS due to minify bugs…this included Matt Cutts site as well.

I don’t run any production sites on Wordpress but I have a site I set up for doing performance testing that I play with - (I have test sites for Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal so I can experiment with various plugins and settings).