Request for Ubuntu setup instructions using Chrome + Firefox + no IE

All the setup instructions I’ve found so far all require a Windows machine.

If anyone has a link to a Ubuntu (or other Linux) + no-IE/Windows setup, pass it along.


If someone can pass along a URL for this, I can likely figure out the steps required.


You’d need to use the node.js agent and it only works with Chrome and basic functionality (no video for example) :

For desktop browsers you’re far better off with a Windows machine or at least using one of the Windows EC2 AMI’s (for mobile the Node agent works VERY well and can capture video).


I’ll take a look + try to decipher the instructions.

Can anyone please help me resolving the issue of running the webpagetest server on linux (ubuntu) box?

I want to run the webpagetest server on linux box & also the test agent (nodejs) in the same linux box.
I have just followed all the steps specified in the description page & also specified by Patrick in the forum.
But, I am not able to bring up the server.

ramkris@ramkris:~/webpagetest/webpagetest-master/agent/js$ sudo ./ -m 10
node src/agent_main --serverUrl http://localhost:8888 --location Test --browser browser_local_chrome.BrowserLocalChrome --chromedriver /home/ramkris/webpagetest/webpagetest-master/lib/webdriver/chromedriver/Linux i686/chromedriver-i686
F 0209Z19:37:46.865 wpt_client.js:256 new Client : Created Client (urlPath=/): {“domain”:null,“events":{},“maxListeners":10,"app”:{"events”:{},“timer”:{},“history_”:[]},“baseUrl_”:{“protocol”:“http:”,“slashes”:true,“auth”:null,“host”:“localhost:8888”,“port”:“8888”,“hostname”:“localhost”,“hash”:null,“search”:null,“query”:null,“pathname”:"/",“path”:"/",“href”:“http://localhost:8888/"},“location_”:“Test”,"jobTimeout”:120000}
D 0209Z19:37:46.870 browser_base.js:124 createBrowser : Creating browser browser_local_chrome.BrowserLocalChrome
I 0209Z19:37:46.875 browser_local_chrome.js:52 new BrowserLocalChrome : BrowserLocalChrome(/home/ramkris/webpagetest/webpagetest-master/lib/webdriver/chromedriver/Linux i686/chromedriver-i686, undefined)
F 0209Z19:37:46.876 process_utils.js:390 app.schedule : (agent_main) Check if agent is ready for new jobs
I 0209Z19:37:46.897 wpt_client.js:315 Client. : Get work: http://localhost:8888/work/getwork.php?location=Test&f=json
W 0209Z19:37:46.907 wpt_client.js:332 Client. : Got error: connect ECONNREFUSED
F 0209Z19:37:46.915 process_utils.js:375 app.getNextTask_ : (agent_main) no next task

Running the script says all the 52 tests are passed.

Also, I am not able to connect to any of the following pages.

It will be very helpful if anyone can help me resolving this issue.