Results generated folders

I used my local instance to do bulk testing on some sites last night and im trying to understand how the result folders are organized in order to create my own version of a test history. Obviously it goes first by year month and day but then im lost with the rest of the auto generated files. Also, would by bulk testing from last night be stored in one file or multiple ones, thanks

You’re best bet for the history is to just grab the log from the logs directory which has every test that was run in the order they were submitted (one test per line, one file per day). On disk they aren’t stored in order once you get to a specific day - they are hashed into carious directories (by test ID).

The bulk test itself is just a pointer that references all of the individual tests (there is a bulk.json file in the test directory that has the test ID’s and labels for the individual tests). Are you on the 2.3 server code? If so the bulk results page also allows you to download a combined csv of the results.