Slow WP Woocommerce site

I’ve created this WP Woocommerce website with Canvas template and am experiencing severe problems with the speed of the website.
A few people have had a look and brought up issues of image sizes and plugin clashes but all the images have been reduced to max 1200 pixel width and saved for the web and I tried removing the slideshow from the homepage because it seems to be loading slowly but that didn’t help.
In fact the wp-admin of the website is the slowest of the lot and it is a very frustrating website to work on.
Would be grateful for help.
Thank you

Hmm yes it seems to be unreliable too… maybe I have some problems connecting to Israel?

It does look like you’ve got an infrastructure problem, as loading up the site took me over a minute, first attempt at WPT failed, and a second one came back with info. Are you using shared hosting? If so, you need to spend more and get a better plan… better still get onto a VPS and get it tuned properly. If on a VPS ( more likely as you’re running cpanel ), then just get it tuned!

I tried a test from the Israeli node, and that got rid of much of the latency, but performance downloading images was terrible…

For the home page, TTFB is OK at 0.3s, but you’re downloading 100+KB of html. Do you really need all of that for a simple, clean layout like that?

3MB is a big homepage, and surprising for such a clean setup. Look at lowering that.

I see you’re running a cacher, which helps server loading, but your apache setup is certainly not optimal… you’re not using SSL either, which is never a good look for an eCommerce setup.

PS. I see your company is as old as me. A good year (:

Hi GreenGecko,

Thank you so much for the detailed and helpful response.

It’s not my company, I just built their website, but I’m so glad you found a connection. :smiley:

I don’t know too much about the hosting - will have the clients check with the host they chose to work with. Should the hosting company know what needs to be done to get the VPS tuned properly?

Regarding the html - wasn’t ever aware that it’s something that could cause a problem and don’t know how to reduce it…I’m using Page Builder by SiteOrigin - could that be causing the problem??

Regarding performance dowloading the images - do I need to reduce their size?

Thanks again