'UK' test node results are all 100 or 101

Hi all,

I am seeing the UK test node respond with a result code of 100 or 101. The documentation says, “1xx means the test is still in progress” but it’s been 24 hours now.

I don’t suppose someone could take a look at the Gloucester/UK node and see if there’s a problem?

Coincidentally, this started occurring after I changed the bandwidth profile of the requests I’m making. Previously I was using the DSL profile but I’m now using a custom profile of, bwIn=4000, bwOut=1000, latency=20 & plr=0. Could this be related somehow?

Sorry, looks like the Gloucester node lost it’s mind with the last software update and it’s stuck in a loop trying to download the update. I pinged the Daemon solutions guys to take a look so it should be back shortly.

Not related to your bandwidth configuration, just unlucky timing.



Brilliant. Thanks a lot.

Phew! :stuck_out_tongue: