URL issue affecting HAR, etc

Hi I’ve noticed a particular URL on a site seems to affect Webpagetest in a number of ways. Here’s an example:


for the URL /us/en/multimedia/images/blogauthor/renny-shen.png?downsize=640px:*
which is request 13

If you look at request 13, and click on it to get the popup:
-Details tab, the URL is displayed wrong, it’s displayed as https://www.akamai.com*

-On the request tab the URL appears correctly

-Export HAR, it affects the HAR in a number of ways,
----URL appears as GET www.akamai.com*
----REQUEST HEADERS in HAR VIEWER shows the extra line:
GET /us/en/multimedia/images/blogauthor/renny-shen.png?downsize=640px

  • HTTP/1.1

-In the requests section of webpagetest, http://www.webpagetest.org/result/160217_QQ_f28cfe482605b10eb72f73f410efd151/1/details/#request13 , request #13 appears as https://www.akamai.com*

Looks like a parsing bug of some kind getting confused by the : in the query string. Would you mind opening a github issue so I don’t lose track of it?


Logged. Thanks!