Using AWS to hit rackspace

I have at present a AWS private instance of WPT running fine :slight_smile:

Now the issue is at present AWS is located in Ireland and I am seeing some delays in the time to first byte and also DNS lookups, now most (all) of the customers are in the UK, mainland, so I created a stack on Rackspace, thats has a webpage test instance running on windows, but I dont seam to be able to get this to be talked to my my main AWS wpt test runner, is this possible?

As rack space has a location in the UK so to rule out DNS etc i would like to if possible run the tests from a mainland not Ireland location.

Hope I have explained that clearly, if not let me know and Ill try to make it clearer.

If I’m understanding correctly, the test agent on Rackspace isn’t connecting to the AWS server?

I presume you’ve edited locations.ini on AWS to add rackspace, and the test agent points at the AWS server?

If you RDP to the test agent and fire up browser can you access the servers UI?


I can not rdp directly to the box, but I can get onto it using the console facility in rackspace, how would I see if the server UI in the browser was working.

I have edited locations.ini to add in Rackspace so that should be ok.

Thanks for the reply.

Note though I have put the rackspace server info into the locations.ini file as I am running this on EC2, I have the ec2_locations setting on, and could this be actually not reading the locations.ini.

Dont really want to update ec2_locations.ini to add in a rackspace data center, as think this is how it does the auto scaling etc.