Waterfalls Gone After 2.6 Upgrade?


After upgrading my local private instead of WebPageTest to version 2.6 none of the waterfalls are showing up. (Safari just shows a blue question mark.) Up till now the screen shots wouldn’t show up in the overview screen, but they would when you clicked on the click. (The thumbnail isn’t being generated.) I’ve been able to live with that, but can’t live without the waterfalls.

Any tips on how to troubleshoot this?

  • Matt

Sounds like the gd php plugin isn’t installed. You may also need to upgrade to php 5.3 if you aren’t on it already

I’m on PHP 5.3. phpinfo() reports that gd is installed, version 2.0.34.

  • Matt[hr]
    It’s dieing in file object_detail.inc in function AddResponseBodyFlags(), at the following line:

$zip = new ZipArchive;

I’ve recomplied PHP with --enable-zip and it’s still not working… trying to figure out what exactly is going on here. That constructor looks odd to me.

  • Matt

I just did a fresh install of CentOS 5.7, got it fully up to date, removed the php RPMs and installed the php53 versions instead. I have the following packages installed:


I still can’t get waterfalls to work, it’s error out at the same spot.

What distro is WPT tested on? I wonder if I’m getting something that CentOS/RHEL specific.

  • Matt

The main WPT server runs on Ubuntu but I do most of the development on Windows. Do you see anything in the error log?

Edit: sorry, see you have an error, let me see if I can find anything on that.

Just a sanity check, do you know if zlib is installed on the server?

[mwhite@wpt-test ~]$ rpm -qa | grep zlib
[mwhite@wpt-test ~]$

Yup. (It’s listed twice because there’s an i386 and x86_64 version.) Also, zlib shows up in phpinfo() as working.

  • Matt

I built a Ubuntu VM, and it’s working there. I’ll see if I can’t track down what the difference is between CentOS and Ubuntu.

  • Matt

We have the same issue. Recently upgraded our server to 2.6 and the waterfalls now just show a white box with a red X in the upper right corner … anybody come up with any ideas yet?

  • zlib is installed
  • gd is installed


Check to see if “zip” is installed. Apparently we introduced it as a dependency and I’m working on unwinding that now for the next release (sorry about that).

Right - make sure zip support is there. Once I added this everything started working right.

  • Matt